Shangri-Lawless and Ego Trip – Together Again! ">Shangri-Lawless and Ego Trip – Together Again!

We are pleased to announce that Shangri-Lawless has been officially placed at 9:15 and A! We will be side-by-side with our beloved sister Camp Ego Trip. More Shangri, more Lawless, comin’ your way with a massively expanded and developed… Continue reading

Shangri-Lawless Villages With Camp Ego Trip!">Shangri-Lawless Villages With Camp Ego Trip!

With great honor, we welcome Camp Ego Trip by our side to create an unforgettable land of zany, crazy shit.  In total, we will have ~20,000 sq. ft. to blow your minds, and your identity into a new spectrum of… Continue reading

Shangri-Lawless gets placed for 2012!">Shangri-Lawless gets placed for 2012!

The lawless march again on Black Rock City!  This time bigger, better, and MORE SENSELESS!  Twice the Shangria, twice the insanity, add a 400 sq ft, two story Mayan Temple and you’re just getting a taste of what’s to come.… Continue reading

More Updates!">More Updates!

Hello all, updates below:


  • Updated our Bylaws section, including a right to "Offer a Glass of Water" that every member can enact if necessary
  • Tons of clothing and glow resources in our resources section!

Website Updates">Website Updates

Hello errebody, just letting you know I’ve updated practically everything on this site.  I’m adding or changing stuff just about every day. 


  • Updated Bylaws, read through it again please!
  • Updated Camp Plan
  • Updated Memberlist & Financials
  • Updated Resources
  • Updated… Continue reading

Shangri-Lawless Unites With The Loose Birds of Domosaurus Roxx (LBDR)">Shangri-Lawless Unites With The Loose Birds of Domosaurus Roxx (LBDR)

As you know, we were granted a 100’x100′ spot on the MAIN avenue of the crazier side of the city.  This is a huge responsibility we need to step up to.  Considering that our camp footprint only took up 80’x80′,… Continue reading

Shangri-Lawless Gets Placed!">Shangri-Lawless Gets Placed!

Shangri-Lawless has been placed as a sanctioned theme camp for Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage!   It is indeed a rite of passage for us, as becoming a theme camp is a huge responsibility.  Our location is near the… Continue reading