As a member of Shangri-Lawless, you a representative of our camp as a whole at all times. As a theme camp, we have the responsibility of maintaining a respectable, clean, and mature presence in Black Rock City. As a camp member, you are expected to uphold not only Burning Man’s 10 guiding principals found here, but Shangri-Lawless’ as well.

10 Principles of Shangri-Lawless


Participation & Dues

Each member is expected to contribute to the health and effectiveness of the camp before, during, and after the Burn. Contributions may come in many forms: from helping to create an awesome environment, assisting with construction & planning, providing food or money and so forth. In addition, camp dues are a requirement for every member of the camp to help pay for group costs. MOST IMPORTANTLY, every member is expected to bust ass on Sunday & Monday during camp tear-down. Tear-down is the toughest part of the week as everybody is typically exhausted by then. If you do not show up for tear-down, you jeopardize your membership within camp.

Camp dues in 2016 are $200-$375 (depending on participation) in dues. Our participation based structure starts everyone at the highest level of and allows camp members to reduce the amount they’re responsible for in dues, by actively participating. All money collected as dues or donated is non-refundable, as we move forward with it immediately. Higher donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated, as a few key members always end up covering additional expenses personally.

New Member Sponsorship

Sponsoring a new member is a great responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Just because we CAN sponsor new people doesn’t automatically mean we SHOULD. As a sponsor you are inviting a new person into the camp and vouching for them. It is your responsibility to make sure they’re prepared and understand burning man dogma, what this event means, and how it should be respected. As a general rule, sponsorship should only occur at a 1:1 ratio. If this is your first year with Shangri-Lawless, you may not sponsor another individual. Additionally, we strongly prefer new invites to be local to San Diego (especially), Los Angeles or San Francisco so that they can effectively participate in projects. All prospective members are raised to the Executive Committee for consideration and it is the Executive Committee’s responsibility to discuss the individual, talk to existing members, and determine whether or not to move forward with the prospect based upon the feelings of camp and previous experiences. If accepted, the prospect will be invited to camp with Shangri-Lawless via a letter from their sponsor.

Every new member who has never burned is REQUIRED to read the first timer’s guide, and sign up for the Jack Rabbit Newsletter (official BM newsletter).


Shangri-Lawless is run in a democratic/anarchical fashion, and survives off of the hard work, selfless dedication and love of its members. Indeed, our motto “Peace, Love and Anarchy” is taken to heart, as anarchism is more of a form of participation-based government with decision-making at all levels, rather than total chaos. Participation is mandatory, and there is no limit to how much you can do. It is people like us who make Burning Man what it is, and for that very reason we strive to blow the minds of our fellow citizens of Black Rock City. They will be doing the same for you!

Major decisions, such as budget, direction, placement and other high-level matters are handled by the executive committee, “The Rageocracy”, which is a collection of 7 individuals elected each year by the camp as a whole. Beyond that, each major aspect of camp construction, execution, and logistics are addressed through committees and voluntary project initiatives, each with a designated leader / point of contact. Each member needs to belong to at least one committee or project, but you’re welcome to get as involved as you want! Leadership in each committee is also voluntary, and often changes from year to year.

Be Efficient, Be Smart. Uphold Burning Man Dogma

When selecting your gear, food and whatever else you take to Burning Man, be extremely mindful of the Burning Man ethos as though it were your new religion:

  • Be Green
  • Pack Light & Self Sufficient
    • Reduce trash and nasty food waste as much as possible
    • Cans instead of glass bottles where possible
  • No spectators, only participants
    • Burning Man is built entirely by US the citizens. You can only do Burning Man service by helping to add something to the experience
  • Responsible for:
    • Extreme heat, cold, wind and debauchery
    • Water & Trash (~1-1.5 gallons/person/day)
    • Do not let stuff blow away, stake everything down well and mark stakes with bright cloth while covering sharp ends with tennis balls
    • No cellphone reception (this is a good thing)

Leave No Trace (LNT)

  • We will be modeling this LNT plan. Read it.
  • Let NOTHING touch the playa. Pick up trash wherever you go, especially if its not yours.
    • This includes cigarette butts AND ashes!
    • DPW & other volunteers spend another month or two cleaning up our mess. Think about them.
    • If significant trash (MOOP) is found at our camp, we will lose our theme camp rights.
  • NO sequins, boas, or anything else flimsy
    • Some paper plates OK since they can be burned
    • Bring your own washable fork, knife, spoon, bowl and mobile cup
  • Crush all cans & containers BEFORE trashing
  • Leave space in your car for trash!
  • Separate trash & recyclables

Whats Expected of You

  • Keep camp clean at ALL times, because otherwise the wind will take it away. Seriously.
  • DO NOT do or talk about doing illegal activity loudly or in public. Its stupid and reflects badly on us. There are Feds out there, and they are watching & infiltrating. This includes our lounge area!
  • DO NOT buy or sell anything illegal at Burning Man. Be extremely careful about gifting if you feel the need.
  • Show up for camp tear-down
  • Participate in MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) Sweeps throughout the week
  • Do not get excessively beligerant, know your limits
  • Respect your fellow citizens for their contribution & remain open minded
  • Be cool, take personal issues outside of camp or squash them immediately
  • Staying for the entire 7 day event is STRONGLY reommended
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