More Updates!">More Updates!

Hello all, updates below:


  • Updated our Bylaws section, including a right to "Offer a Glass of Water" that every member can enact if necessary
  • Tons of clothing and glow resources in our resources section!

Website Updates">Website Updates

Hello errebody, just letting you know I’ve updated practically everything on this site.  I’m adding or changing stuff just about every day. 


  • Updated Bylaws, read through it again please!
  • Updated Camp Plan
  • Updated Memberlist & Financials
  • Updated Resources
  • Updated… Continue reading

Shangri-Lawless Unites With The Loose Birds of Domosaurus Roxx (LBDR)">Shangri-Lawless Unites With The Loose Birds of Domosaurus Roxx (LBDR)

As you know, we were granted a 100’x100′ spot on the MAIN avenue of the crazier side of the city.  This is a huge responsibility we need to step up to.  Considering that our camp footprint only took up 80’x80′,… Continue reading

Shangri-Lawless Gets Placed!">Shangri-Lawless Gets Placed!

Shangri-Lawless has been placed as a sanctioned theme camp for Burning Man 2011: Rites of Passage!   It is indeed a rite of passage for us, as becoming a theme camp is a huge responsibility.  Our location is near the… Continue reading