Welcome to the Homepage of Shangri-Lawless!

11034336_914266825251_4626667543670023655_oShangri-Lawless was officially founded in 2011, and is also comprised of another, elder group of burners (our former nemesis camp) from the Bay Area and beyond called The Loose Birds of Domosaurus Roxx, or Loose Birds for short. Together, we have been providing the playa with a super-cozy hookah bar and lounge, replete with shennangannery (unsobriety checkpoints, playa poker, robberies, virgin sacrifices, etc.).span>

Shangri-Lawless is centered on the fusion of two classical elements: two classical elements: the mythology of Shangri-La, a utopian earthly paradise, and the Steampunk American Old-West era from the 1800’s. Together they encompass our personal love for all things mystical, weird, and chaotic.

Since our inception, we’ve continuously strived to push the limit and are constantly changing and evolving. Shangri-Lawless has been operating as a village with one or more sister camps for several years now.

In 2012, we joined forces with and helped to found the prodigy Camp Ego Trip, a large group of stunning individuals based out of San Diego. Just as in 2011, we owned an edge around the wildest daytime party in all of Burning Man, (Distrikt @ 9&G). In 2013, we moved with Ego Trip closer to the center of the city and began focusing on the “Shangri” aspect of our camp (as we’ve nailed the “Lawless” bit thoroughly.

In 2014, Ego Trip & Shangri-Lawless amicably parted ways (though will always remain sister-camps), and formed a new village with Wet Dreams (formerly with Barbie Death Camp). Over the next two years, we continued to create pure, awesome, insanity dripping from all edges of our roughly 30,000 sq. ft. of space, offering a wide variety of events and services. All of our events were unprecedented successes. Tuesday evening’s “Fancy As Fuck” party caused us not only to run out of our weeks supply of beverage, but we also ran out of space for art cars and their audio input. We are proud to say that we not only hosted two major parties, but continued to offer comfort, delicious libation, and sexy lounge music throughout the week.

Who knows what the future holds… is our camp a lost paradise for sun-beaten adventurers? Or a den of chaos for the wild hearted? Depends on when you find us. 😉

“Peace, Love and Anarchy”

Camp Members & Visitors

Feel free to check out our Resources section to find a host of information related to surviving and thriving in the desert.

Camp members are required to read through our Camp Bylaws section to understand how we operate, and what’s expected of each member joining us in the fabled city of wonder: Black Rock.